Letters are the heart and soul of the compassion ministry. For many of us, the letters we exchange are the closest we will ever come to our sponsored children.

The importance of letter writing cannot be underestimated.

This communication may be the most important activity of the childs life.

    What to write:

  • Describe your family. Share age appropriate memories.
  • Talk about your children, parents, cousins, siblings, pets. etc. Tell stories about family members and friends, and tell your sponsored child why you are thankful for them.
  • Talk about your favorite memories. Talk about your childhood. Share funny stories.
  • (Coming soon). Be sure to include photos of everyone. Sponsored children love to receive pictures of their sponsors' families.
  • Discuss your favorite pastimes. Explain what you did on vacation. Talk about the hobbies or sports you enjoy.
  • A description of your work, church or school would be of interest to your sponsored child. Work is an especially appropriate topic for older children.
  • As you want to know what your sponsored child is learning at school, your child wants to know what you are learning at school or what your job is like.
  • Talk about your relationship with Jesus Christ. Your words can help your sponsorship child understand that God is real.
  • As you share prayer requests and remind your child that you are praying for him or her, share favorite Bible verses, and talk about your own faith journey, this will help shape your childís journey as well.
  • Explain customs for special holidays. Tell your sponsored child how you celebrate Christmas or why Easter is such a big deal to your family.
  • Just as you are interested to know about your child and family, they are delighted to hear details from you. Be careful not to talk too much about gifts, though, as children in poverty rarely receive gifts.
  • Provide a general description of the area where you live . Share educational and fun information.
  • Encourage your sponsored child in any success or milestone he or she has achieved. It may seem like you arenít doing much, but you are! Your words of encouragement provide hope and fill your sponsored child with love.
  • Ask questions about: Your child's country, upcoming national holidays, about church and Bible stories, about school favorite subjects, teachers, what they are good at, about their friends, what they like to do with friends, sports, and what sports they participate in.